Ecuador Vacation

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This was a trip to Ecuador for my wifes neice who was getting married.

This is a picture of us in the mountains around 10,000 feet up.

A picture of some kind of Lama? With its thick fur for the high altitudes. When your a Florida boy like me being this high up is quite a challenge to breath the thin air.

The scenery up here was just amazing and probably like many not familiar with Ecuador or South America probably think of this part of the world having nothing but thick jungle forests.This is my wifes neighborhood she used to live in before coming to America and marrying me. Its a very nice area with all the amentites you would expect in America
Here is a picture of the soon to be bride not happy at all as you can see in the picture. Apparently nothing has gone right in the fitting of the brides mades clothing. It was all in Spanish but it was very clear even though I didnt understand the words there was a problem.

One of the very, very upper class areas in the city. This is where the powerful and rich live. Very good food!

Also my wife was having trouble getting her custom made dress to fit properly so here we are waiting for the place to open on her third try I think it was to see if it fit properly

And we have success with a good fit and a happy wife. YAH!!!!!!!!

Some of the smaller towns convert motorcycles into these mini taxis. Never rode in one but they sure looked like fun.

A little trouble in the neighborhood needing the police.

HOOTERS in Ecuador.

The Bride and family ready to watch the groom play a pro tennis match.

This was apparently a popular place even having the Ecuador president coming here to eat. This place does everything and only pork. If you can imagine it being done with a pig they make it and you eat it here. The food was quite tastey even though I was expecting to have a heart attack before leaving from the 4 pounds of pork I ate.

Many of the churches have these little privately owned businesses where you can buy many things religious including candles.

Now this was on our way back from exploring the smaller towns. We had forgotten to fill up with gas before heading home deep into the mountains. Luckly we found this place where he was selling gas stored in plastic containers then poured into a bucket to be funneled into the car. Very interesting for a gringo like me!

My wifes favorite crab that can only be found in Ecuador. She cant get enough of these things. Myself I find them disgusting but for her its one of the few food items she really craves and loves.

This was more my style! Lobster is my love and this was delicious!

This place we went to in the mountains again was a amazing resort for a get away.

In this area of Ecuador there are many active volcanoes. This area happens to have springs that are heated by the volcanoes and turned them into hot baths. Very, very, very relaxing.

We also did a hour long couple massage. The only thing I didnt like about this was it was only a hour long!

The story on how we got to these hot springs shows its a very small world indeed. We happen to have neighbors we are friends with where the lady is also from Ecuador. She found out we were going the same time as she was. So we were invited to her parents home if we had time and they would show us around there city of Quito which is the countrys capital. We took up there offer and unexpectly they setup reservations to this wonderful place. Her father was a very kind and generous man who really showed us a great time.

To further the point its a small world the gentlemen who invited us ran into a friend that was also there with his wife and kids. It happened to be his birthday so just before leaving he had a birthday cake brought out. They were for sure very surprised.

The next day we had to fly out from Quito to make the wedding and go to Guayaquil. And that night staying at there home I picked up some kind of bug from a restuarant or something I drank that gave me the worst stomach virus of my life. Leaving me to do all kinds of vile things over a toilet for the entire night into the next day. And god bless my lovely wife she held my head and wiped away the puke the whole time. God I love her! So im shaking and shivering. My stomach has horrible pains and all I want to do is lie in bed but she manages to get me up handle all the luggage and drag us to the airport to make our flight. When there they find me a doctor which the only one open was a childrens hospital. They take me in hook up a ivey and start pumping me with what I have no idea. But it did make me feel slightly better.

She couldnt help but take a picture of me while I was being treated.

I manage to make it to the wedding for a few hours and get a few pics in before feeling horrible again and spent the night in the grooms and brides hotel room. Since they startt partying at 8 p.m. and it doesnt end until 8 a.m. the next day it wasnt a problem for them. Heck when most of us were leaving at 8 a.m. the music and partying was still going on.

Some very tired family all partied out.



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